See for yourself…read these stories from my clients who are just like you and are now living their dream lifestyles.

David’s Story: How a L.A. Guitar-Player Used the Death of Musical Genius, Prince to Kickstart his Transformation     

Maybe you are like my client David, whose dream lifestyle meant escaping the negative thoughts in his head. 

The self-limiting thoughts that prevented David from getting to that next level with his true passion: music. 

For David, his dream lifestyle meant silencing these thoughts, and moving his musical career to the next level.

It meant being like his idol: Prince. 

But for all his years of trying, David couldn’t quite take his music to that next level. 

His band was stuck in a rut, trying to get noticed, and David was depressed and frustrated. 

He was frustrated because he could see that there was a much higher level of potential for his band. 

But what he couldn’t see was how to get there. 

And then things got even worse. It was April 21, 2016. Prince died at age 57. 

David’s hero had died. And David was at an all-time low. But this was also David’s “a-ha moment,” because he realized how short life is. After all, Prince was only a couple years older than he was.

It was then that David decided to take massive action by finding a coach who could help him reach that next level, that peak level that he knew he deserved. 

He found me, and I taught him to use the Triple Persuasion Pattern. And with only two of these techniques from the Triple Persuasion Pattern, David achieved, in his words, his “peak self”. 

In fact, you may have heard of his band. Shortly after I began coaching him, David’s band, Automatik Eden, got signed to Spectra Music Group, and now command the respect, admiration, and fanship of a vast audience. 

In David’s own words, “Oh, this is going to work…That’s what I really felt that as far as the results…Not having the negative thoughts. Not having the things keeping me from taking action, but just doing and seeing the progress.”

Caroline’s Story: How a Sales Professional Transformed Her Mind to Be More Focused

Or maybe, you are like my client Caroline, who didn’t feel like she had enough opportunity in her life.

She felt blinded by her own mind because she had trouble focusing on what was important to her.

Her mind felt, in Caroline’s words, “cluttered.”

But I coached Caroline on how to use the Triple Persuasion Pattern.

And Caroline allowed these techniques to unlock her inner power and ramp up her ability to focus.

And now, Caroline has the ability to see opportunities that she could not see before.

In Caroline’s own words, “I’m not so cluttered in my mind anymore, and I feel more present. If I have these kinds of tools in my tool-belt…the opportunities are endless.

Wendy’s Story: How One Giant Leap Transformed Her Life

Or, maybe you’re like my client Wendy, who felt trapped in a cubicle.

She was working a job she hated, afraid to leave that guaranteed paycheck that paid her bills.

But she felt without purpose or fulfillment.

That’s when Wendy decided to take massive action.

I coached her to allow the Triple Persuasion Pattern to unlock her power.

Wendy did so, and felt ready to take massive action.

She quit her job and started her own business.

And now, Wendy does what she loves and gets paid to do it.

In Wendy’s own words, “Tim helped me take the leap of faith and quit my job to concentrate on my real passion. Things have been going better than I ever dreamed.”

Rob’s Story: From Ignored to Respected

My client Rob was feeling ignored by his peers.

He never felt heard.

He did not get the responses from people that he wanted.

But after I coached him, Rob unlocked his ability to command a room as soon as he walked into one.

He learned to allow the techniques to program his mind so that responses from people changed.

And that change was virtually instantaneous for Rob, because of the exponential power of the Triple Persuasion Pattern.

People noticed Rob as soon as he walked into a room.

They began to hang on his every word.

And Rob went from being ignored by a room to commanding one.

In Rob’s own words, “Just interacting with Tim… He showed me how to get people to respond in a way that you want…I was just blown away.”

Adam’s Story: Getting the Best Deal

My client Adam was in charge of making a deal that didn’t just affect him.

It also affected his brother.

It affected his whole family.

And this deal was very important to the whole family.

So important, in fact, that this deal meant their whole livelihood.

So Adam knew how important it was to get that best deal.

He knew it was possible.

But what Adam didn’t know how to get there.

So Adam took massive action and hired a coach.

He hired me.

I taught Adam how to let the Triple Persuasion Pattern program his mind to better influence others.

And guess what?

Adam didn’t just get how much he originally wanted.

He got much more.

In Adam’s own words, “Basically, Tim said, ‘How much do you want to make?’ And I said ‘I want to make $100,000 per year.’ I remember Tim told me… ‘Bump that up. At least a little bit’. [So] I asked for $120,000 per year. And I got that and even more.”