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90-Minute High Performance Coaching Call Registration Form

From the Desk of Tim Tarango

You Are Just 90-Minutes Away From Getting Everything You Want in 2012… All it Requires Is That You Do Something… NOW!

Dear Subscriber and Friend,

I have something urgent to talk to you about.

It’s urgent because it’s about your most valuable asset: your time.

You see…

Far too many people underestimate the value of their time and let it slip away… like sand through an hourglass.

They have passions, ambitions for greatness, and countless items on their “bucket list” they want to accomplish.

And yet… They seem to never make forward progress.

Maybe you know some people like this.

But I think you’re different. I can say that because you’ve been a subscriber to my Rapid NLP Newsletter for quite some time.

And if you’re like me, then you consistently seek the best information that is going to give you an “edge” in life.

But unfortunately, simply consuming more information can be counter-productive. In fact, it often leads to “information overload” or “paralysis by analysis.”

And then comes the dreaded “P” word:


To put it simply… you know what to do, but you’re not seeing results as quickly as you would have liked.

The good news is that there’s a “cure” for procrastination: It’s making bold decisions and taking quick and decisive action.

This can lead you to your goals faster than you’ve ever thought possible.

That’s why I’ve distilled the best tools, techniques, and momentum-creating strategies from my $3,000 coaching programs into one highly-effective personalized “breakthrough session.”

I call it a breakthrough session because it’s designed to get you going fast… breaking through previous ceilings of success, or overcoming obstacles and self-created limitations.

The process is simple: we schedule a time to speak on the phone and discuss the biggest opportunity you are currently facing. Then… using powerful NLP techniques and strategies, we find and eliminate the obstacles, like… fear, limiting beliefs, poor time management, lack of focus, self-doubt, etc… that are standing in your way.

We then map out a step-by-step plan of action that will get you results in the fastest time possible.

And the result?

By the end of our 90-minute phone call you will have: clarity in your opportunity, confidence in your abilities, and certainty with your plan of action.

But there’s a catch…

Because these are one-to-one coaching sessions, my availability is very limited. And once my schedule is booked I will be taking down this page – without notice.


If you’re looking to accomplish more in less time and break through to higher levels of success, then sign up for your call ASAP. Your investment is only $247 (one-time payment) and you can pay with PayPal or credit card by clicking the link below.

Give me the word… let’s get started.


Tim Tarago

Master NLP Trainer

PS. Remember: I’ve distilled the most transformational NLP techniques and strategies from my $3,000 coaching programs into this highly-effective 90-minute breakthrough session. If you’re committed to taking your success to a higher level then make sure to sign up below while they’re still available.

“90-Minute High Performance Breakthrough Session Registration”

Register for Your Personalized Coaching and Strategy Session with Master NLP Trainer Tim Tarango


Yes! TIM, Please Reserve My Spot for a 90-Minute High Performance Coaching Session!

I understand I’ll be reserving my spot for a 90-minute coaching/strategy call with Master NLP Trainer Tim Tarango. After my one-time investment of only $247, I will receive details on how to schedule my coaching call.

Our coaching session will take place over phone or Skype (whichever we decide on beforehand).

Because this is a one-to-one coaching session, I understand that there will be no refunds after I complete my order. I also know Tim is a real cool cat and will kindly reschedule my call as long as I give him 24-hours notice.

Or… You can book multiple coaching sessions and save:



Do you have any questions or having difficulty placing your order/scheduling your coaching call?

Contact us and we will get back to you ASAP:


(702) 518-4190

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