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Learn NLP At Home

This program has been acknowledged as one of the most powerful NLP certification courses available anywhere, at any price. Better than the multi thousand dollar programs. With this course, you no longer have to spend thousands of dollars to become an NLP expert. Unless you actually enjoy overpaying to be entertained by a celebrity in a hectic venue… and forgetting 95% of what you heard by the next day. If you actually heard it all over the deafening chaos.

Now you can learn every element of the program right in the comfort of your home… at your own speed… in your car… at the gym… or anywhere that is convenient for you.

Listen to the course all you want, as many times as you want!


NLP Insider’s Club

The NLP Insider’s Club is our monthly video training program. 

This program includes access to 12 video trainings that are technique-focused. 

What do I mean by that? What I mean is that each video training emphasizes techniques that accomplish particular goals for you, such as increasing confidence, increasing focus, and increasing motivation. 

With this program, you will also benefit from access to the NLP Insider’s Club Facebook group where you can interact and learn from other high-achievers just like you. 

If you want to feel more confident, more focused, more motivated…then this product is for you. 

The Superhero Initiative – Private Coaching

The Superhero Initiative Coaching Experience is our 90-day coaching experience for Rapid NLP clients. 

During this program, your mission coach works with you to create a life changing mission for you to complete…

All while using plenty of NLP techniques to bust your limiting beliefs, and give you the best chance of finishing your mission. 

Basically, 30 days from now. As you walk around the office, or your home. People will wonder: “What happened to you? Did you start taking a magic pill or something?”

Here is a quick sneak peak of just some of what you will discover on this on-demand training event: 

  • The “Big Picture” of NLP and how you can use it to empower your life
  • How your unconscious mind determines the choices that you make and how to easily “program” your mind for ultimate success
  • The one simple key to creating a compelling future (hint: toddlers know this instinctively yet people seem to forget it as they get older)
  • Your unconscious “filters” (and how to quickly change your “Internal Point of View” to control the suggestions you give to your unconscious mind)
  • The simple trick that NLP masters know to make every NLP technique work even better
  • How to adopt a powerful mindset about money that will lead to a life of financial abundance (and why the opposite mindset will stop the flow of money into your life!)
  • How to set irresistible goals that produce the kind of results you want