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The NLP 7 Step Coaching Model

NLP Coaching Secrets Revealed

Follow These 7 Steps to Inspire Others to Take Action, Be Admired as a Great Leader and Earn the Respect You Deserve

If you would like to learn the secrets that top success coaches have been using for decades to generate incredible results for their clients then you will want to pay special attention to the following seven steps.

Even if you don’t want to be the next Tony Robbins, you can still incorporate most (if not all) of these 7 steps to inspire others to take action.


If you are a parent, teacher, basketball coach, sales manager, business owner, piano instructor…

…Or if you secretly desire to be respected and admired as a leader…

You will greatly benefit from learning about the NLP Coaching Model.

Let’s get right to it:

The 7 Steps to Exceptional Coaching

1. Build Rapport

Rapport is simply the feeling as if you like someone. When you go out with your friends and find yourself lost in conversation you are in a state of rapport.

If you have been in sales then you know the importance rapport plays in building trust and credibility with your prospects. The same is true for leadership positions where you want to positively influence other people.

It is important to understand that building rapport is a process and therefore something you can learn to be very good at. In NLP there are several techniques for building rapport very quickly.

2. Give Feedback

In order to give effective feedback you must understand where the person you are working with is starting from and where they want to go.

Then your job becomes to steer them in the right direction. You can do this in a three-step process called a “feedback sandwich.”

The feedback sandwich is where you: 1. Praise the person for doing something well. 2. Tell them an area that needs improvement. 3. Praise them for another thing they did well.

In the context of sports it will look something like this:

1. Johnny, you did an excellent job practicing your soccer drills today.

2. One area you can improve on is passing the ball more so you get your teammates more involved.

3. Overall, your attitude is great and your hard work is paying off!

3. Ask Powerful Questions

Asking powerful questions can build rapport, establish your credibility as a leader and inspire others to take action. It is a valuable skill that many people do not possess but there are several “formulas” you can learn to ask powerful questions.

Here is a very powerful question structure you can start to use immediately:

What + you + verb + future positive?

“What will you change next week for success?”

“What resource can you leverage to meet your monthly sales goal?”

“What can you focus on to be more productive this week?”

4. Create Outcomes

In NLP there is a 9-step process for creating outcomes, but the most important thing to remember is to actually HAVE an outcome. If you don’t know where you want to go to then you (or your clients, students, team members) will never get there.

Remember to take a moment and create a clearly defined outcome for you and your team.

5. Design an Action Plan

The action plan consists of short-term action items that will lead to your desired outcome.

You can move people in this direction by asking questions such as:

“What must you do differently this time, in order to achieve your desired results?”

“What is the last step you need to achieve that?  Let’s work backwards.”

6. Get Commitment

You already have an outcome and action steps in place and now you need commitment that the people you are working with will follow through.

Ensure that there is a commitment to following through with the action plan that has a specific time limit.

7. Create Momentum

You will learn many methods for creating deep levels of motivation by following the techniques in this Full NLP Training.

One technique that works really well is to have your team imagine doing the work necessary to reach their goal and feeling the joy and excitement that comes with reaching their desired outcome.

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