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The #1 RapidNLP Confidence Boosting Technique

They say that Confidence is THE most attractive trait…  Man or woman, we trust in people who are authentic and comfortable in their own skin…  There’s a fine line, though, between CONFIDENCE… and COCKINESS…  So if you want to increase your confidence quickly and naturally without coming across like an arrogant jerk… then read this […]

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How to Get Filthy Rich

As an Entrepreneur, either you’ve known someone who has more money than God, or you haven’t.  If you’ve ever been close with someone who is truly wealthy…truly rich…  Someone who not only doesn’t have to *worry* about money, but someone who clearly never will have to wonder where their money will come from for themselves, their […]

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Sales Secrets from Anthony Robbins Company

Imagine sitting in a limousine with Anthony Robbins…  Over 2,500 people have applied to work in the sought-after role as the Vice President of Sales for the Anthony Robbins Company…  And now you’re sharing a ride to the airport with the man himself.  Just as the limo pulls to the curb, Tony reaches out his […]

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7 “Big Money” NLP Techniques

Let’s get real for a second… If you’re like most people, you want to find the easiest path to creating big money for yourself and your family. In this “no-fluff” blog post I am going to direct you to 7 NLP tactics that can put more cashola in your pocket… I will also tell you […]

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5-Step NLP Persuasion Formula

This is a very important email because I am going to show you how to be persuasive in just 5 easy steps. (PLUS… I have a very special announcement for you at the end of this email). You can use this simple “formula” in just about any scenario where you want to influence someone to […]

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Challenge: Scientifically-Proven Success ‘Secrets’

Have you heard about this study? In 2005, Sonja Lyubomirsky from the University of California reviewed hundreds of studies in which participants were made to feel happy by the experimenters… This included such things as having the participants smell fresh-cut flowers or reading affirmations to eating chocolate cake. The participants (over 250,000 in total) were […]

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