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Affiliate Redirect

Creating a Redirect Page

Long links and URLs tend get broken up in e-mail and look less professional than a nice short link going through your own domain.

After all, which link would you rather click:


There are a few options to make your link shorter. One is to use a service such as I don’t recommend these services because they make you look like a spammer, so they don’t build credibility.

I advise you to redirect your links through your own website. Instead of a long, ugly affiliate link, your readers will see a personalized referral coming directly from you, thereby reinforcing the trust and loyalty you’ve already established with your site.

You’ll look more professional, and you’ll also have more control over your links.

The preferred method for redirecting your links is to use a simple Javascript redirect. Don’t worry — it’s very easy to do and doesn’t require any programming language.

Here’s how to build your redirect link so it points through your website:

1. Create a new blank page on your website.

2. Name the page whatever you’d like. For example, if you provide educational courses and want the page to be, you’d name it “course1.html” in your web page editor.

3. Delete any HTML coding your web page editor automatically inserts into the page. Then insert the following new HTML coding into your HTML document:




<meta http-equiv=”refresh” content=”0;url=Insert-Your-Affiliate-Link-Here“>






That’s it! Easy, wasn’t it? If you have any trouble at all redirecting your links, please e-mail me at and I’d be happy to help you.


Tim Tarango