About Tim

My name is Tim Tarango, and over a decade ago, I discovered NLP.

It was 2008, and at the time, I was working in the cut-throat world of commercial real estate in California, in the midst of the Great Recession.

I hadn’t closed a deal in over seven months, and I was frustrated, depressed, and ashamed of myself.

I was ashamed of myself because I knew there was a next level that I should have been at.

After all, I was an educated, hard-working, well-connected guy…

So why wasn’t I making any sales?

Why did I keep failing at my job?

Why wasn’t I getting the money and the recognition that I deserved?

It was difficult to know that I deserved more…

To see everyone around me getting the things that I wanted for myself…

But for me to keep failing at getting to where I wanted to be with my life and career.

And I’ll give it to you straight: even though I wasn’t making any money…I was still spending it.

I had exhausted my bank account, maxed out my credit card…

It got so bad that I even had to borrow $1,500 from my parents just to make ends meet.

I had hit rock bottom.

But then one day, not too long afterward, I discovered the solution…I discovered NLP.

I discovered NLP in a book I had picked up at the local Borders store.

And the techniques that I discovered unlocked closed doors…and I made my first sale in 7 months.

And it was a big sale…$82k in commission.

Everything snowballed for me from that point on because these surprisingly simple NLP techniques did the work for me by eliminating my procrastination, self-doubt, and self-sabotage.

I traveled the world, using my new NLP skills to build my online business.

In fact, the very online business that now enables me to live at the beach and share my unique NLP strategies with a select group of high achievers…like you.