7 High Income Skills To Master While Stuck At Home


If you’re stuck at home and you want to make a lot more money (during AND after the lockdown) by finding some new high income skills… then this might be the most important article you ever read.

Here’s why.  

You’re about to discover 7 high income skills you can use from the comfort of your home. But it gets better…

There’s a technology that’ll help you learn all 7 of these skills AT ONCE. So you use this one tool- and it helps you build these skills… automatically. 

Let me explain. 

The story starts with two researchers (a psychologist and a linguist). 

They wanted to know why some world-class therapists were amazing at helping patients… and why other therapists took years to make progress… 

After years of interviewing, examining, and testing- they made a startling discovery. There were certain behaviors for making massive change in the human brain… 

Behaviors that helped solve ANY problem in your life. (Like the therapists did)

And these two researchers put their findings into a set of patterns, tools, and models for imprinting new skills, ideas, and change into the human brain…

Over the years the technology evolved. 

These two men studied the most successful salespeople, entrepreneurs, and world-changers on Earth… so you can model their success- make a ton more money, and create more joy in your life. 

This technology is called Neuro-Linguistic Programming

Here’s Why This Is So Powerful…

Imagine you’re trying to build a house. But all you have is a hammer- and you don’t know a thing about construction…

Well, that’s how most people operate in their daily life. They don’t know how to best use their mind- and it’s like they’re trying to build a house with a rock. 

So here’s what smart people have figured out… when building a house, you want to use the most cutting edge tools possible-

Doing that saves YEARS of trouble- months of FRUSTRATION- and loads of money… you’ll find that the same happens for your success, wealth, and happiness when you start using Neuro-Linguistic Programming. 

Also, by using the technology- you automatically build these 7 high income skills… 


High Income Skill #1- How To Sell Without Being Salesy


Everyone’s in sales whether you like it or not.

When you have to convince your kids to clean their room… or when you have to convince your board to do something… or if you have to persuade your coworker to take your shift next friday.

You’re selling…  

Every human on the planet needs better sales skills… and there’s a reason why the world’s top investor, Warren Buffet, recommends sales as the NUMBER ONE skill you must build if you want to be wealthy. 

But there’s a problem. 

Many people picture good salesmen as greasy talk-your-ear off people- like someone you might meet at a used car lot. 

But when you start using NLP technology- you’ll see why that’s not true.

Imagine going into meetings or conversations totally relaxed. And you can persuade without being pushy…

Instead- it feels comfortable, fun, and you don’t walk away feeling like you need a shower. 


High Income Skill #2- How To Wipe Away Success-Killing Fear


The only thing we have to fear, is fear itself.” -John F. Kennedy

When it comes to success- fear is killer. 

Let me prove it. 

Some people tremble in the terror over talking to people, being in sales, or trying too hard to persuade people (even though they know this skill would make them FAR richer)…

So they miss out on many missed opportunities.

Some people have a fear of public speaking. So they never walk on stage- inspire others to take action, they miss out on new connections… and their fear keeps them from developing one of the top-paying skills in the world. 

Worse yet…

Some people fear taking risk. They stay in their comfortable bubble their whole life- and never try achieving their dreams. 

Fear holds you back. 

That’s why controlling fear is a powerful skill. 

And NLP gives you the tools to wipe away fear almost as easy as snapping your fingers…

It’s the same tools used by top psychotherapists to kill phobias and fears. 

Imagine attacking your goals and money-making ideas with total confidence… why? Because you don’t have to worry about sweaty-palms fear. 


High Income Skill #3- How To Be Comfortable In Any Situation


Many people report feeling uncomfortable in sales or social situations. 

Picture this. 

There are two men starting their own marketing agencies from home. 

The first man is about to talk to his first client on Zoom. They both log in- look at eachother… and he feels an uncomfortable pit in his stomach…

The conversation feels awkward- and they both can’t wait to get off the call. 

No sale. 

The second man is different. 

He uses NLP to make himself AND his client feel comfortable. Their conversation is fun, natural, and because of this feeling… his client trusts him to handle his marketing. 

Deal closed…

30 minutes later the second man sees $5,000 deposited in his account. 

Not only does he have a fatter bank account- this man can use this special skill to make new friends at parties and to land new relationships and clients at networking events.


High Income Skill #4- The Secret To Closing Million Dollar Deals


Perhaps the best benefit of all- is logging into your bank account and seeing an eye-popping number. 

This money comes from closing deals. 

Not just closing new sales- but also creating new partnerships, snagging new promotions at work… or closing a hiring manager to give you a higher-paying job. 

BUT- many people are afraid to ask for what they want. They’re scared to close…

However, when you use Neuro Linguistic Programming… closing is an effortless decision from both people. 

There’s no pressure. 

There’s no tough questions for you to ask. 

Only you comfortably getting what you want. 


High Income Skill #5- How To Create Instant Rapport


Some people say they’re no good with people. 


They were simply never taught the skills needed. It only makes sense, there’s no High School class on making fast friends or connecting with people in a meeting…

NLP fixes this problem. It gives you the skills needed to make an instant connection. And for making money- that’s VERY important. 


Because, according to Harvard, the first seven seconds of any interaction are the most important… if you don’t create a good impression… you may as well kiss your sale, deal, or potential friendship goodbye. 

Instead, imagine this. 

You’re standing around at a networking event. Everyone walking around the room in fancy suits. You walk up to a complete stranger- extend your hand… and use some NLP tools to create an INSTANT bond…

Plus, he’s a millionaire business owner who takes a liking to you- helps out your career, your wealth- and puts you on the fast track to success. 

No more social anxiety- no more uncomfortable feelings- how great is that?


High Income Skill #6- How To Inspire MASSIVE Action


How did Genghis Khan conquer half the planet?

He commanded and inspired an army. 

How did Bill Gates become the richest man on the planet, and build one of the most successful tech companies of all time?

He inspired thousands of partners, employees, and investors to build his dream for him… 

Whether you want to go from manager to president, or a new entrepreneur to a rich successful entrepreneur- inspiring MASSIVE action might be the most powerful skill you have in your toolbelt.

With it- you can hit stratospheric levels of success by convincing other people to help you conquer your goals. 

This skill is also easy to build (if you know how). 

Neuro Linguistic Programming takes advantage of the wiring of the human brain- it shows you how to take advantage of our natural desire to follow the leader (like the game in school)… and get whatever you want from life. 


High Income Skill #7- Use The Power Of Hypnotic Language


Some people, when they hear all these amazing things… they make an excuse. 

“I’m too tongue-tied… I couldn’t talk my way out of a paper bag.” 


Here’s some inspiration from the world of Hypnotherapy:

Using only your words- you can put people into a hypnotic trance…

Where they listen to every word you say (kind of like right now) and no matter what you say, even if you screw up, they do as you command. 

WARNING– hypnotic language is a powerful tool. I know you’re going to use it for good- but if I trust you with this power, please do you part to keep it away from people who might use it for bad. 

AND, if we catch you using it for evil, you’ll be banned from our training forever. 


Here’s How To Learn All 7 Of These High Income Skills At Once… 


Learning all 7 of these skills could change your financial life…

And you don’t have to waste years learning them all one by one. Neuro Linguistic Programming is the key to learning all these money making skills at once… 

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