It’s 1938.

A time when you could walk down a New York street- and see small 3 room homes packed with 16 people. 

There were countless children living on the streets- and stories of skilled men desperate for work- but businesses everywhere were going bankrupt. 

That’s what life was like in the Great Depression

It’s similar to what people are feeling now… but this article is a ray of hope. In just the next few minutes- you’ll hear 3 amazing stories showing you why now might be the BEST financial opportunity of your life. 

If you’re skeptical… these 3 stories with 3 secrets will wipe away that fear. 


The Story Of Bill & Dave


Back to 1938. 

While billions of people trembled in fear over the depression… two men, Bill Hewlett and Dave Packard created their own opportunity. 


Because nobody could find a job. So Bill & Dave started HP in a garage with $538. 

They worked night and day thinking of ideas, testing, and building… and after about a year they had created the HP Model 200A. 

It was a piece of sound testing equipment- and it would be the first of many products created by HP. In fact, in 1939 they sold several 200A’s to Disney- and this became the start of the $50 billion HP Empire. 

What’s their big lesson?

That even in tough times- if you can ignore the mass fear around you… you can create a business that impacts millions of lives, a fortune, or a career switch that gives you the life you want. 


Creating A Business During A Recession… And A War?


Who would be crazy enough to do such a thing?

The answer would be Bill Gates. Yes, that’s right, he and Paul Allen founded Microsoft on April 4th 1975. 

During the 1975 recession, a wave of panic washed over America as 2 million jobs disappeared (similar to what’s happening now)… the Vietnam War was raging… and oil priced quadrupled!

1975 was a year of financial disaster…

However, out of that disaster rose the world’s richest man- and one of the most powerful companies in history. 

Here’s how he did it… 

Early in the founding of Microsoft. Bill gates rented out a hotel room. 

There he took a stack of yellow notepads, and his idea for Microsoft. Then he spent the next four doings doing nothing but writing out the code for Microsoft. 

That’s the secret… Mr. Gates focused on NOTHING but his idea. 

And by the time he turned 31- he was a billionaire… and shortly the richest person in the world.

FOCUS might be one of the most powerful abilities in the world.

And even if you don’t have it right now- don’t worry. Because soon I’ll show you how ANYONE can focus easily.


The Biggest Opportunity Of Your Life?


There’s one secret more powerful than all the others. 

One that turns problems, challenges, and recessions into solid gold… here’s the story. 

It’s 2009- shortly after the start of the Great Recession. 

The housing market is near rock bottom… tens of millions of baby boomers watch in horror as their retirements, 401K’s, and investment portfolio’s turn to dust.

2008 was a very scary time for retirees, business owners, and employees. 

But not everyone… 2009 was actually when I started my business: RapidNLP. 

Here’s what happened. 

Before starting RapidNLP- I worked in commercial real estate as a salesperson. 

And I sucked. I remember going 9 months straight without getting a single paycheck. And no matter what I tried… clients wouldn’t listen to me- and one even used me for MONTHS to feed him information… all so he could stab me in the back- and get better terms with one of my coworkers. 

In mere minutes, I lost 6 figures in commissions I had worked for months to build…

I remember standing in my bosses office about to break down wanting to give up… and that’s when he handed me a book. 


“This book will change your life. And it will help you solve your problem.”


I was skeptical. But I read the book anyway, and he was right- I couldn’t believe it. 

In just a few weeks- clients started opening up to me… and just one thing I read from that book helped me earn $82,000 in commissions…

That book helped me turn one of the worst times of my life- into one of the best. 

BUT- then 2008 happened. The real estate marked crashed… and my family thought my life was going to tumble over again. 

Yet- I had a simple lesson I learned in this book… and asked myself:

“How can I turn this recession into an opportunity?”

That’s called a reframe. And it’s my most powerful tool for creating prosperity in your life… and you can use this amazing tool to turn big challenges into opportunities. 

For example… 


Right Now Millions Of People Are Panicking Over The Coronavirus


Many of them are right to do so… over 10 million people just filed for unemployment…

And this is said to be the greatest financial disaster since the great depression. 

However, there are a few people who will create amazing opportunities for their life… but only if you know how to use the tools outlined in this article…

  • Ignoring the mass fear around you… how Bill and Dave created one of the world’s largest companies during the great depression. 
  • The power of focus- Bill Gates’ secret weapon for building fortunes he used to build Microsoft in middle of a recession (and a war) 
  • And finally, use Reframing to turn problems into money-making opportunities (like the founders of) 

Anyway- back to my story. 

First- you’re probably thinking “Tim you’ve teased me long enough- what book did you read?”

Alright- no more playing around. What I read is a book on Neuro Linguistic Programming…

It’s one of the most powerful tools for winning friends, winning deals, and rewiring your brain… high achievers like Oprah Winfery, Tiger Woods, and Bill Gates are using it to create SIGNIFICANT competitive advantages…

You can too. 

And NLP is the tool I used to turn the chaos of the 2008 recession into a thriving business… I remember telling my friends and family…


I’ve decided not to participate in this recession, neither will my business.


And that’s what happened- I traveled the world, I built a 7-figure business, and I made TONS of friends, easily convinced clients to work with me, and changed my life… 

I don’t say this to brag. But to show you what’s possible… 

So how do you get started with NLP? 

You’re in luck. Why?

Because to show you the next steps- I put together a video to demonstrate these NLp techniques that turned my life around. 

Imagine how amazing it would feel to be in total control over your destiny…

And while everyone else cowers in fear over the coming recession- you’ll feel confident knowing you have the power to create any kind of life you want.

  • Make as much money as you want…
  • Hit your 2020 goals with ease…
  • Feel total confidence, freedom, and motivation… 

In fact, by the end of all this- other people might look at you and say: “Darn, why didn’t I take advantage of this like you?” 

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-Tim Tarango

-Master NLP Trainer & Coach. 

P.S. Be sure to watch the video now. I’m not going to keep it online forever. 


Because I normally teach these tools to my private clients. And once enough people watch it I’m going to take it down.

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