158 million Americans are stuck at home right now. 

Some of them are sitting on the couch finding something to do. Others are working from home. But one of the common questions you hear is:

“How do I get motivated when I’m stuck at home?”

Listen close. Because you’ll find the answer here- that’s why this article might be one of the most important you ever read…

You see, working at home sounds great- until it’s time to sit down and get some work done. That’s when most people find themselves surfing Facebook, tidying up their bedroom, or grabbing a snack from the kitchen. 

Even people who were super productive before when they worked in an office deal with this problem.


Well, there are a few answers. While working at home has the potential to give you more freedom and productivity. The office has some benefits:

  1. Working in an office gives you a routine that helps to keep you motivated. 
  2. You work around people, which psychologists know is an important energy booster. 
  3. Workers often have a manager or director to keep them accountable. When you’re suddenly working from home- this becomes a problem. 

Even before everyone started working from home- lack of motivation was a HUGE problem. In fact, a Gallup study shows that lack of motivation loses businesses $300 billion per year. 

Motivation is an expensive problem. But if you want a fatter bank account- finding a new way to get motivated could be one of the most powerful changes you make in your life. 

So how do you get motivated?

Unfortunately- most people do it wrong. They rely on weird videos, podcasts, and techniques that don’t work. Yeah, they might create a short spike in motivation…

But it never lasts. What you need is a tool to create long-lasting motivation. And instead of relying on willpower to get things done… you create your own motivation. 

And here’s a powerful 3 step system to help you do that: 

Step 1: Understand The Secret Power Of “Intrinsic Motivation”

Have you noticed that some people are naturally super motivated?

…Like the friend that hops out of bed at 6AM every day. Drives over to the gym. Works out… and stares at their 6 pack, chiseled chest, and bulging biceps in the mirror…

Or the best selling author who has no trouble cranking out a new book every year…

Or the great Thomas Edison who worked day and night. He had over 1,000 patents by the time he passed, and everybody knows he failed 10,000 times before inventing the lightbulb. 

Harvard Psychologists call this special type of motivation “Intrinsic Motivation.” 

Some people naturally have it. Others like you and I need to create it…

But if you can find a way to create this kind of motivation- people often experience a huge boost to creativity and work quality. Why? Because if you’re self motivated- it’s more likely you’ll find your work interesting, fun, and challenging… 

Imagine having the same levels of motivation of great inventors like Thomas Edison… or Olympic athletes who spend 8 hours per day perfecting their skills… or the people at the top of your field who you want to be like (and even pass up) 

If that’s something you want- mastering Intrinsic motivation is the key. Keep reading to find out how… 

Step 2: “Deep Purpose” Unleashes Your Brain’s Hidden Energy

It’s September 12, 1962. 

We choose to go to the Moon in this decade and do the other things, not because they are easy, but because they are hard; because that goal will serve to organize and measure the best of our energies and skills”

7 short years after Kennedy gave that speech- Neil Armstrong stepped foot on the moon. 

Listen closely- because that story has one of the most powerful lessons you could ever learn about your motivation… 

You see, most people have “sleeping motivation.” This is energy your brain stores for emergencies. 

It’s useful for when you’re walking in the woods, and a bear rushes out of the woods to tear you down… or when you’re trapped in a cave with no way out for days… or when you’re patrolling the village and the neighboring town attacks so you have plenty of energy to fight off the enemy. 

Well, we live in a safer world. And until today- much of that energy has gone to waste. 

How do you tap into this unlimited pool of motivation?

Easy. You need a way to use the primal wiring of your brain to your advantage. The way you’re going to do this is through what’s called “deep purpose.”

If you ask most American’s why they work a 9-5- they’ll say something along the lines of:

“I need a paycheck.”

“I want to buy a new car.”

“I like my work…”

Well, that’s too surface level… and if you’re reading this right now. This is part of the reason why your motivation might be so low…

Deep Purpose taps into the same power that helped humanity launch a man into space and step onto the moon… in only 7 short years. 

And in the next section- you’ll learn how to use new technology to create Deep Purpose… 

Step 3: Use Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) To Rewire Your Brain

If you want to supercharge your motivation- then you’ll love this. 

Because you’re about to use the same secret tool used by the world’s most successful people- like Oprah Winfrey, Tiger Woods, Bill Gates…

It’s called Neuro Linguistic Programming. 

NLP is like bodybuilding for your brain. There’s a set of tools for you to use… and each tool is like a weight lifting exercise that makes you stronger and builds your muscles…

Only, NLP exercises don’t build your muscles- they build your brain. 

NLP is the secret tool I use to create deep purpose in my work every day. It’s what has motivated me to build multimillion dollar businesses. And NLP has helped hundreds of my coaching clients to live a happier, healthier, and wealthier life…

You’re just one NLP technique away from tapping into that deep purpose… so you can unleash a WAVE of motivation… automatically!

In fact, you’re just one step away from getting whatever you want.

Whether it’s getting more work done at home so you can get that pay raise or that promotion you deserve. Or getting your butt to the gym every day so you can get in the best shape of your life, live a longer happier life, and re-spark your love life…

Whatever it is- all you need now are the right NLP tools to help you create the surging motivation you want…

And you’re in luck!

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-Tim Tarango

Master NLP Trainer & Coach

Founder, Rapidnlp.com