They say that Confidence is THE most attractive trait… 

Man or woman, we trust in people who are authentic and comfortable in their own skin… 

There’s a fine line, though, between CONFIDENCE… and COCKINESS… 

So if you want to increase your confidence quickly and naturally without coming across like an arrogant jerk… then read this blog post carefully… 

Awhile back I interviewed Sport Psychologist, Dr. Eddie O’Conner on “How to Develop Mental Toughness.” 

One of his tips is chiseled into my brain and it’s my favorite technique to use with clients for building long-term self confidence. 


Here goes… 

Add to Your “Confidence Bank” 

What is your “Confidence Bank” you ask? 

It’s a list of your accomplishments that you are proud of. 

Here’s the key: 

Celebrate all your victories. 

Even the SMALL ones. 

– Finished a book this year? …put that in your confidence bank 

– Got out of bed without hitting snooze? …put that in your confidence bank 

– Exercised today? …put that in your confidence bank 

Building this list shifts your focus on your accomplishments, boosts your confidence, and keeps you from spiraling into negativity, doubt, and fear.

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Finishing the course and receiving your NLP Practitioner Certification (included free)… 

…is a MAJOR accomplishment. 

An accomplishment you will add to your confidence bank and be proud of for years to come. 

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To Your Success,

Tim Tarango
Master NLP Trainer & Coach