As an Entrepreneur, either you’ve known someone who has more money than God, or you haven’t.

If you’ve ever been close with someone who is truly wealthy…truly rich…

Someone who not only doesn’t have to *worry* about money, but someone who clearly never will have to wonder where their money will come from for themselves, their kids – or even their Grandkids…

I’m talking Multi, Multi, Multi  Million dollar Mansion Rich.

I’m talking Private Jet rich.

I’m talking Private Yacht & Private Island Rich…

And if you’ve spent considerable time with this type of person then you know they are somehow wired *differently* than the masses.

They see different opportunities.

They react to stress differently.

They handle their personal lives differently.

They see themselves differently in the mirror.

And most importantly, they handle defeat… FAILURE much differently than the average Joe.

Now my friend Tellman Knudson has been lucky…

Not only has he had the opportunity to get close to and spend serious time with some of the world’s wealthiest Entrepreneurs… (Richard Branson was the best man at his wedding…)

He’s had ENOUGH time to study them under a microscope and *model* them – to figure out what makes them tick.

And I’ve been lucky enough to pick his brain about it on multiple occasions…

One of which is recorded here for your benefit 🙂

Everything Tellman has to say is PURE GOLD, so make sure to watch all the way to the end…

Your bank account will thank you 😉

Tim Tarango
Master NLP Trainer & Coach