Let’s get real for a second…

If you’re like most people, you want to find the easiest path to creating big money for yourself and your family.

In this “no-fluff” blog post I am going to direct you to 7 NLP tactics that can put more cashola in your pocket…

I will also tell you the page number where you will find the technique in the Learn NLP At Home Course workbook so you can start using it TODAY.

Here goes…

Tactic #1: Belief Change Script

The first step to generating big money is to remove the limiting beliefs that are holding you back.

It’s important to remember that YOU are in charge of your beliefs (and can therefore CHANGE them).

Adopt and install empowering beliefs about creating wealth and you’ll be ahead of 90% of the population…

(pg. 28)

Tactic #2: 9 Keys to An Achievable Outcome

Unfortunately, many people create goals or start projects with great intentions but fail to see that they’re practically doomed from the start.

That’s because they haven’t filtered their idea through this quick “real world” checklist.

Following these 9 steps gives you the greatest chance for SUCCESS and ensures you have the resources to reach your desired outcome.

(pg. 10)

Tactic #3: Embedded Commands

There are several “big money” NLP language techniques and patterns I could show you…

However, one that you may not have heard about (or have underestimated) is using embedded commands.

You will be using these covert statements in sales, presentations, negotiations, and anytime you want (or NEED) to be highly influential.

(pg. 133)

Tactic #4: Creating Deep Inner Motivation

Using a technique called the “Physiology of Excellence” you will be able to harness your level of motivation and flip it on like a switch…

…Releasing an inner drive like you’ve never experienced before.

I regularly use this technique with my coaching clients and they tell me it’s one of the most powerful techniques they’ve ever learned.

(pg. 52)

Tactic #5: Creating Instant Rapport

People who generate big money tend to be experts at creating rapport. They walk into a room of strangers and walk out of that room with business connections, friends, and partners.

Luckily, creating rapport is actually a PROCESS (not an innate skill) that you can quickly learn and apply to almost any scenario.

(pg. 16)

Tactic #6: Negotiate like a Pro

There is a process for expert negotiation and if you’re not following it then you’re leaving big money on the table.

It drives me CRAZY when I see someone work their butt off and then get far less money than what they’re worth!

The Learn NLP At Home Course will show you a powerful negotiation system that will ensure you get what you want  (and what you deserve).

(pg. 89)

Tactic #7: The 5 Step Sales Process

If you want to generate big money then you’re going to need to sell something. This makes perfect sense to the sales pros and business owners out there…

And it actually applies to everyone else as well.

No matter what, YOU are in sales! Even if what you’re selling is YOU… to your boss, a prospective employer, etc…

You need to know this simple formula for turning a NO (or a ‘maybe’) into a YES.

(pg. 85)

Start the Learn NLP At Home Course today and discover each of these 7 NLP tactics that are sure to fatten your bank account.

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Tim Tarango
Master NLP Trainer & Coach
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