This is a very important email because I am going to show you how to be persuasive in just 5 easy steps.

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You can use this simple “formula” in just about any scenario where you want to influence someone to take action.

When it comes to persuasion and influence, it’s not about knowing 1,000 tips or tricks.


It’s all about being able to do these 5 things with EXPERT precision.

It’s what creates the top sales pros, public speakers, teachers, coaches, team leaders, and CEOs.

Here we go…

Step #1: Know your Intention

What is your intention or purpose for what you are doing?

What are you trying to accomplish?

Are you coming from a place of strength? or fear?

You better know what your intention is because your body language, tonality, and word choice will give you away!

Step #2: Build Rapport Quickly

People like to interact with other people who are like themselves.

Without rapport it is next to impossible to be persuasive.

With NLP, you can build rapport quickly and easily with individuals and large groups.

Step #3: Manage your State

Now that you’ve created rapport you need to be able to manage your state.


Because YOUR state is going to dictate the state of the person or people you are talking with!

Do you want them to be excited? calm? energized? sorrowful? motivated?

And… once you’ve mastered NLP, you will be able to ‘anchor’ these states and elicit them in your audience whenever you like.

Now THAT is powerful.

Step #4: Use Language with a Purpose 

Here’s where NLP gives you an almost unfair advantage when it comes to persuasion…

You can use your language to speak to your audience at a deep subconscious level…

…make your audience see, hear, and feel what you describe …and ultimately perceive the choice YOU want them to make as the most desirable.

Step #5: Create an Irresistible Call to Action

Want people to take action?

Then make it easy for them to say YES!

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