If you are searching for NLP techniques online that will help your clients become more successful and take away more from your teaching sessions, NLP offers some great opportunities for you to explore. As a life coach, inspiring motivation in your coaching clients to take action is essential.

Learning the Presuppositions to Lay the Framework for Exploring NLP Techniques Online

The beliefs that your clients have shape the way that they experience things and the actions that they take in order to achieve their goals. By instilling new beliefs – the presuppositions of NLP – in the mind of your coaching client, you can see extraordinary change in the way that his or her response and language patterns. Learning NLP techniques online will help you develop a complete understanding of the core presuppositions that are essential for your clients to have in order to become successful.

You can also use these presuppositions to expand your belief system and attract new clients.

Ask Questions that Provoke a Positive Response

When you have a new client on the line, you want to make them want to say ‘yes’ to you. The best way to do that is by asking questions that demand a ‘yes’ response in almost everyone. For example, is your health important to you? Do you want to make more money? Are you committed to becoming successful? With a pattern of yes answers, you are more likely to seal the deal with prospective clients than if you were to just use a sales pitch to entice them.

Use the NLP Anchoring Technique

Anchoring is a highly effective NLP technique. Anchoring involves invoking a positive response in your clients by utilizing a systematic reaction to signal a change in mental states. This can be accomplished in several ways. If you are meeting with a client, you can ask them to talk to you about a happy time in their life, a motivating event, or some other story that will bring them joy. Your client should be experiencing very motivating, happy emotions for this technique to work correctly.

While your client is in the midst of his story, choose the climactic point to perform a subtle cue. This could be touching his arm, snapping your fingers, or raising your hand. You need to do this subtly so that your client doesn’t lose his train of thought but still associates the good feelings with that response.

You have made the association, now you need to find a good time to transfer this emotion back to your client. If you are promoting a certain service or you need the client to focus on a more positive outlook, signal the same cue that you initiated while the happy story was being told. If done correctly, the desired effect will be that any time you perform the cue your client will immediately remember the happy feelings or emotions.

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Match and Mirror Your Clients

Building trust and rapport with your potential customers is another essential component to your success. If your client speaks in a certain way, stands in a certain way, or holds your eye contact for long periods of time, you need to take these cues to perform the same effect.

Use Reframing to Make Problems and Objections Disappear

Reframing is a technique used to stimulate a positive response to an unwanted event or action. When something negative happens, it is important for you to reframe the situation so that it is actually positive. You can use this while you are attracting new clients so that you can keep a positive mindset even if things are not going exactly how you planned.

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