Hello! Today’s NLP tip is one of the most valuable tools you can learn – the ability to quickly build rapport with others.

Most of the highly successful people in this world are masters at building instant rapport with others.

You can call it charisma, likeability or good conversation, the fact is, thanks to NLP, their method for creating rapport with others can be modeled and mastered down to a science.

They might do this naturally, but anyone who is willing to learn can become their own master at rapid rapport – enabling them to influence people and control the outcome of any situation.

Many top salespeople know that building rapport with their prospects is critical to closing the sale. However, it is such a valuable skill that people in all walks of life should learn the art of building rapport quickly.

Create Rapport (In ANY Situation)

The basic principle at the heart of the rapid rapport technique is that people like others who are similar to them.

The person we each know best and trust the most is ourselves, which is why we find it easier to trust and like people who are similar.

There are countless ways to quickly build rapport with someone. Perhaps you have the same first name, attended the same school, or work in the same profession. Maybe you have a similar sense of humor, and both laugh at the same situation; either way, you instantly feel more at ease with them because you can relate on a certain level.

The REAL trick in building rapport, however, is to use NLP to stealthily create rapport in situations where it is not already present.

Mastering the NLP rapid rapport technique is as simple as learning to fine tune your senses and pick up on another person’s cues.

By cluing in to a person’s physiology, the tonality in their voice and the words they use, you are given a blueprint to the way their mind works.

Once you understand how their mind is working, you can match and mirror their own cues to subtly convince them that you are just like them.

World-class negotiators, talented public speakers, and even dating instructors all use this same method to build rapid rapport – by learning the step-by-step process through NLP, so can YOU.

2 Covert Rapport ‘Tricks’

The next time you are talking to someone, pay careful attention to their nonverbal cues. Notice how they are standing (leaning against something, completely upright and alert, slouching with their hands in their pockets, etc.) or sitting (whether they have their legs crossed, whether they are leaning forward or backward, arms crossed or not, etc.).

Casually mirror their posture, stance and lean without being obvious. A slight forward lean will mirror their excitement or interest and a crossing your leg casually like theirs will put them at ease.

You can also listen to the language they use to figure out if they are an auditory, visual or kinesthetic person. If he uses phrases like, “I see what you mean”, “I picture it as…” and “Let’s take a look…” he is referring to visual representations.

In turn, you can use visual-based phrases to let him know that you too are a visual person, and are similar to him in that way; building instant rapport without him ever knowing it was a conscious effort on your part.


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